Friday, July 19, 2013

Lunch @ Chika-an

               My friend-Tourism classmate-Twin & I decided to lunch in a newly opened restaurant at Robinson's Mall named "Chika-an". First I thought it was a fast food or what but no, its not. It's a restaurant like Cafe` Laguna. I love it there because the seats are so comfy & the place is so fab! ^.^ The foods are kinda expensive for us because you know Ria & I are so marot. Lol! But sometimes you need to spend a lot to have the best. *Wink* We ordered Lechon kawali, Fried chicken, Shrimp Tempura & Pochero soup. Good thing because it's unli rice & bottomless too. The foods are so yummy! You should try it their. Ria & I can't help it but to eat a looot! *Burp* Can you believe it? Too skinny girls eat a lot & don't get conscious with their weight.  Because I believe that your size doesn't measure your beauty ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surprise dinner for Dog ♥

            3 months ago RP told me that before Summer ends he'll set a "romantic" or "sweet" dinner with my bestfriend-Dom (& of course with me too). He told me to keep it as a secret first so that Dom will be super duper surprise (LOL) so I did. Dom didn't even thought  or didn't even got any idea that RP & I are planning something. I guess we're really good in keeping secrets ;)
            Finally on the special day, it was afternoon, RP & I went to the mall to buy all the things the we need to prepare for the dinner. Then we went to Esca's Garden to prepare the place & to order foods (btw, the foods are so yummyyyy!! ♥). RP & I had fun arranging the place too. Haha :)) After preparing the place I went to SM City to fetch Dom. We changed our clothes there and went to Esca's.
             Dom was really surprised because I told her that today is my sister's birthday so we have to wear dress because it's kinda formal party. HAHAHA I'm so gooood! ✌ The night went well. We all had fun & enjoyed the dinner. I really feel so lucky to have them both as one of my closest friends.

Visit for more details about the place.